Speaker 揚聲器 / TRANSMISSION / M1-i

The tonal balance is right on, too. Never too peaky, smoothed over, tubby, slow, thick, or anything else….unless they’re a fault in the recording…..then they’ll let you know. “Sorry, Brian, go back to that last LP, please. This one’s recorded a bit on th




They’re not the most efficient speakers, but most monitors aren’t. I’d never try to play them with a pair of 300Bs, but any amp of 50w/ch or more will have no problems. I broke mine in with a Simaudio I-1 integrated amp (about 50w/ch) and the amp was never strained playing full-scale Beethoven’s Ninth, Hugh Masakela’s Hope, pipe organ, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Collective Soul. The cool thing is that if I ever DID try to play them with 300Bs, I might not be disappointed (I don’t have a set to try), because their dynamic range is so true that they don’t lack for realistic presentation when played at low volumes…another great point for folks who live with children at home.


The M1is don’t play quite as big as my panels, but they move more air, and given that I can put a REL G-1 with them, which will enable me to have a full-range speaker array that’ll play the bottom octave the Quads can never dream of, and are far less dominant in one’s space physically and aesthetically, FOR THE SAME PRICE?!?!?!?!….I doubt I’ll ever miss the panels……