Speaker 揚聲器 / PMC / DB1S+

The DB1S+ is latest incarnation of the worlds smallest transmission line design, with an effective line length of 1.5m in a tiny, heavily damped cabinet with outstanding dynamics, exceptional sound staging, and depth of bass that would suggest a loudspeak




DB1S+ Specifications
Type: Passive

Useable freq response: 50Hz-25kHz Peak SPL @ 1M: 111dB

Sensitivity: 87dB 1 W 1m

Recommended Amp power: 40-150W

Impedance: 8 Ohm nominal

Effective line length: 1.5m 4.92ft

Drive units:
LF Doped 140mm cast alloy chassis
HF 27mm, Silk soft dome, ferrofluid cooled

Crossover Frequency: 3kHz

Input connectors: 2 Pairs 4mm Sockets
(Bi-Wire or Bi-Amp)

Activated: N/A

Finish: Neo Black

H 290mm 11.4"
W 155mm 6.1"
D 234mm 9.21"
(+6mm for grille)

DB1SM-C+ (centre channel)
H 155mm 6.09"
W 290mm 11.4"
D 234mm 9.19"

Weight (each): Naked (unboxed) - 5kg 11lbs
Boxed - 5.75kg 12.6lbs

Weight Activated: N/A


The DB1+ is ideal for all channels in a surround system or inclusion within a surround system consisting of any of the PMC monitors including the TLE1S Active Subwoofer. The DB1S+ now shares the superb soft dome high frequency unit utilized in the larger 2 & 3-Way designs displaying an identical tonal balance and ultra-wide dispersion characteristic. A surround monitoring combination including the DB1S+ will create a potent package with a seamless image and dynamics.