Speaker 揚聲器 / MISSION / Ms-10

The Mission active subwoofer range includes the MS-8 which features a larger 200mm bass unit whilst the MS-Cube, MS-Duo, and MS-10 models has an impressive 250mm bass unit for astounding bass impact. All of Mission’s sub


Black / Cherry / Rosewood / Walnut


Format Subwoofer
Amplifier type 150W Class AB
Enclosure type relfex
Driver units 250mm
Volume 35 litres
Frequency response +/-3dB 30Hz - 165Hz
Low pass filter range 40Hz - 200Hz,Variable
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 410 x 280 x 500
Height on feet/spikes (mm) 410
Net weight (kg) 18.6


• LFE and Speaker level inputs
• Large anti-turbulence port
• Downward firing bass unit
• Full magnetic shielding