Speaker 揚聲器 / Chario / Sonnet

Sonnet Listening to music on small-sized systems is a reasonable and quite understandable preference, given that they are easily installed in many venues. Although the compromises required make this sort of design almost impossible, Sonnet offers a soluti


Finish Available


Low Frequency LoadBack-Firing VentedVent GeometryHalf-Exponential Hourglass TypeConfiguration2-way Reversed ArrayDrivers1 Tweeter 32 mm SILVERSOFT™ dome NeFeB motor
1 Woofer 170 mm ROHACELL® Full-Apex™ Poly-Ring NeFeB motorSensitivity90 dB SPL normalized to 1 m / 2.83 Vrms / de-correlated L/R pink noise within IEC 268-13 compliant listening roomLow Frequency Cut Off55 Hz @ -3dB referred to C4 WETSXover Frequency1180 HzAlignmentLKR4 Derived (Df=45°)Rated ImpedanceModulus 4W (min 3.0) Argument ±36°FinishSolid Walnut / Solid Cherry /Solid Oak & HDFWeight14 kgSize445 x 235 x 340 mm (H x W x D)Suggested AmplifierRated for 120W/4W Average Power Max

1.All quantities in SI
2.Speakers not shielded
3.Specs subject to change without notice