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10.5 Tonearm

The Brinkmann 10.5 is widely considered one of the best tonearms in the world and is used as a reference by magazines and reviewers alike throughout the world. With a dynamic mass of 12 grams, the Brinkmann 10.5 is a medium compliance tonearm works well w


For optimum resonance control and high torsional stability, the Brinkmann 10.5 is made from aluminum and stainless steel. To further improve performance, a high tech synthetic material is also used. Likewise, the headshell is nondetachable and the surface of the arm tube has been treated with special anodizing.

The double gimbaled suspension of the Brinkmann 10.5 , with precision ball bearings free of play, ensures precise and frictionless tracking. The vertical down-force and the dynamic mass can be adjusted over a wide range thanks to the split collar counterweight. Skating is compensated for without any contact by magnetic force. Like all engineering masterpieces, the sheer pleasure derived from listening to the 10.5 tonearm will cause you to forget about the engineering excellence and instead focus on the purity of the music.


Distance platter center to tonearm bearing center:244 mm
Effective length:259.8 mm
Overhang:15.8 mm
Cartridge mount:1/2'' connector, long holes
Minimum distance between mounting surface and platter top:25 mm
Mounting depth:30 mm
Cartridge weight:Min. 4, Max. 16 g
Dynamic mass:Ca. 12 g
Total weight:Ca. 300 g
Counterweight:180 g
Scope of delivery:Tonearm with flying leads (unterminated), tools
Options:Tonearm with standard 5-pin connector (SME type)