Player 播放器 / A V M / EVOLUTION CD 5.2 MK2

With the CD5.2 tube out put stages make their debut in the Evolution Line. Sonically the CD5.2 convinces the listener with the charming and warm sound the tube output stages produce. These balanced output stages derived from the PA8 thrill the listener wi


Similar to the CD3.2 the CD5.2 is reduced to the max. Still it offers a large variety of connectivity. All functions are intuitively operable. The perfectly machined housing is built without visible screws and comes standard in silver or black. The traditional AVM chrome front is available as an option. Other customizations are available upon request. The RC3 is always included.

The CD5.2 offers connectivity in plenty: 2 x USB (1 x 192/24 asynchronous, 1 x 48/24), 2 x SPDIF coaxial, 2 x SPDIF opt. and one AES EBU digital input. The XLR- and cinch outputs use different drivers and may be operated simultaneous.

Cutting edge technology is applied for the signal processing thruout. Each channel sparks two DACs operated in balanced mono mode. This way the SNR is optimized to the theoretical maximum. The upsampling allows switching the output samplerate between 44.1 and 192 kHz and simultaneous allows the choice between two digital filter characteristics (sharp or smooth). With the upsampling circuit the master tact is regenerated completely and jitter is kept away from the DACs. The PureCD mechanism is spring mounted and completely capsuled.

Like all AVM hi-fi components the CD5.2 is carefully developed and assembled by our engineers in Malsch, Germany. Our vendors for housing and electronic parts reside all near-by. This proximity helps us to easily ensure and maintain superb quality level of the supplied parts for the AVM hi-fi components made of these.

During the manufacturing process we perform repeatedly numerous tests to insure the absolute quality of our products. When the assembling is finished and the first inspection is done all units must pass a run in test in order to prove their reliability. After that a careful final inspection follows before packing & shipping. All this ensures creating a perfect product from AVM for our customers.


CD, Digital in/out
Formats: CD-Audio (red book), CD-R
Upsampling: 192 kHz/24 bit switchable
Deemphasis: yes, automatic
Digital-inputs (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, TOSLINK to 96 kHz): 33–192 kHz/16–24 bit
USB-Input: up to 48 kHz/16 bit
Digital-output (S/PDIF, TOSLINK): 44,1 kHz/16 bit (with CD) or input format

Digital inputs
Input impedance Cinch: 75 Ohm
Input impedance XLR (AES EBU): 110 Ohm
Input voltage: acc. IEC 958

Digital outputs
Output impedance Cinch: 75 Ohm
Output impedance XLR: 110 Ohm
Output voltage: acc. IEC 958

Analog outputs
Output voltage: 2,5 V
Output impedance Cinch: 50 Ohm
Output impedance XLR: 150 Ohm
Frequency range: <5 Hz – 20 kHz, via digital inputs >50 kHz
SNR: 102 dB/105 dB(A)
TIM: 0,01 % (mostly K3)

Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
Maximum power supply: 40 W
Standby: <1 W
W x H x D: 430 x 130 x 370 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg