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Balance 2-Arm

Brinkmann turntables embody the remarkable standard of German engineering better than many of their competitors, the pictures give you some idea of the build quality on offer but in the flesh this brute of a record player is a truly remarkable state of af


It is of course massive in all respects, it arrived in five boxes only one of which being for the extra tonearm. This meant that there was another wing on the plinth itself that increases the overall width to 50cm and meant that I could only just squeeze it onto the top of my rack. Set up was a slow process, partly because of the extra arm and two power supplies, one for the motor and another for the bearing, but mainly because there are only limited instructions. For all its scale however, this is not a complicated turntable; there's no suspension to set up and both arms arrived with their cartridges in situ, which took a lot of the pressure off. The 12.1 and 10.0 arms (the name indicating the length in decidedly unGerman imperial units) came ready installed in large stainless steel and aluminium bases. These slot into round holes in the plinth and if you have a Brinkmann (or Clearaudio) alignment gauge set-up is just a matter of rotating the base until the stylus sits correctly on the gauge.


Drive:Precision ground round belt
Dimensions (WxDxH):550 x 430 x 140 mm
Weight:35 kg (77lbs)
Platter:Weight 18 kg (39lbs), Ø 316 mm, height 90 mm
Platter surface:Planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting)
Tonearm base:2 bases available for 9"...12" tonearms, easy and quick exchange and adjustments are provided via a collar system
Scope of delivery:Turntable, screw-down record clamp, solid-state power supply, tools
Options:Tube power supply "RöNt", additional arm bases with custom drilling