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In Brinkmann Audio's never-ending search to improve sound quality, they did not stop short of evaluating the fundamental differences between turntable drive systems. It was quickly discovered that most belt drive mechanisms had a fundamental sonic charact


Technically, the drive mechanism consists of a ring shaped permanent magnet contained in the platter's bearing and four air-cored inductors on the Oasis's chassis plate. These inductors are adjusted and driven with utmost accuracy to different phase angles. The result is that the magnetic field itself rotates the platter. Precision sensors monitor platter speed at all times to guarantee absolute accuracy. Taking advantage of the many years of experience and insight gained from manufacturing the BALANCE and LaGrange turntables, Brinkmann incorporated its famous precision bearing and spindle further smoothing out the drives minuscule speed variations. This results in a rotational smoothness hitherto unimaginable with traditional direct drive mechanisms and unavailable in belt drive systems.

The crystal glass platter surface gives an amazingly smooth and even surface to couple the record; a stainless steel insert is located underneath the record label further improves the mating of the record itself to the platter. Mild warps are eliminated by the use of the included screw down clamp and plastic spindle ring. Being a true Brinkmann turntable, the platter consists of an alloy made of aluminum, dural, copper and lead and weighs in at an impressive 21 lb. and has a very low resonance point.

The special shape of the chassis was developed to eliminate resonances. With the addition of the wooden plinth, a solid ans deep bass reproduction is accomplished. The frame can be ordered in one of three different types of wood; cherry, maple or ebony. Finally, three adjustable spikes allow for precise leveling and optimal contact of the turntable. Like all Brinkmann turntables, a custom designed HRS Isolation Base is available to further dampen external resonances and is highly recommended.

The Brinkmann Oasis features a single screw collet system for easy tonearm mounting and adjustment. This allows users to not only switch out entire tonearm setup quickly, but also allows the users to easily setup and adjust the tonearm with the tonearm mounted in the turntable. The Oasis can ordered to accommodate 9 to 10.5 inch tonearms and is available in either RCA or XLR style connectors.


Drive:Direct drive
Dimensions (WxDxH):520 x 400 x 125 mm
Weight:26 kg
Platter:Weight 10 kg, Ø 316 mm, height 50 mm.
Platter surface:Planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting)
Tonearm base:Available for 9...10.5'' tonearms (arm mountings available for virtually any tonearm), easy and quick exchange and adjustments are provided via a collar system.
Woodplinth:Maple, cherry high gloss, makassar high gloss oder rosewood high gloss; other wood finishes and colors available upon request.
Included in delivery:Turntable, screw-down record clamp, power supply, tools
Options:Additional arm bases, dust cover