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The Brinkmann Audio Spyder is a radically new turntable that establishes a new level of flexibility and performance. With its ability to easily accommodate up to four tonearms, the Spyder provides die-hard vinyl fans with a turntable that can support a co


Made from proven components and design concepts found on the Brinkmann Balance and Bardo tables, the Spyder combines state-of-the-art engineering with a totally new form factor. From the 12 pole/4 phase motor and temperature optimized hydrostatic bearing systems taken from the Balance to the massive platter utilized in the Bardo and Oasis, the Spyder has the pedigree to stand with the finest turntables in the world.

The ease of use and configurability of the Spyder allows users to easily accommodate the most daunting configurations. Allowing up to four “jigs” to be added at any position around the platter, users can mount tonearms up to 12″ in length. Even in the tightest spaces, the Spyder provides the flexibility to assemble a turntable that will fit your unique needs.

Our personal thoughts on the Spyder? Being big fans of the Brinkmann direct drive tables, we assumed the Spyder would not offer the attack found on the Bardo and Oasis tables. After all, it was using a belt drive system and we believed Brinkmann’s direct drive system offered superior transient performance. Flat out, we were wrong. The Spyder generated outstanding transient response not to mention presenting very nice tight bass. Brinkmann has long held that it is the sum of all components that generates the sound, not simply the drive system and clearly, they have demonstrated that here. Overall, we feel that the table’s performance falls neatly between the direct drive models and the flagship Balance.

It is the uniqueness of the turntable that will draw the most attention. The incredibly simple, yet adaptable design is really an engineering wonder. Multiple arm turntables tend to require a lot of real estate and somewhat limited in upgradability. Not so with the Spyder. Users can go from one to four arms in minutes and can set it up to fit very limited space. We were able to prove this when we set up a two arm Spyder on a HRS base and could have added a third arm if needed.

The Brinkmann Spyder is a unique turntable with outstanding performance. For those with limited room, or a desire to add multiple tonearms, give a serious look at the Spyder. We believe you will be delighted with the sound and surprised at how little space is needed for a table with these qualifications.


Arm Board:Round rotatable for simple and precise tonearm adjustments with quick lock/unlock fasteners, accepts all tonearms between 9" and 12" in effective length and several linear tracking tonearms
Bearing:Hydrostatic zero-maintenance bearing
Chassis:Resonance-Optimized anodized aluminum alloy, flexible mounted jigs for one to four tonearm bases specifically shaped for resonance cancellation
Connectors:RCA, XLR or single run feed-through for tonearms with 5-pin DIN connectors
Drive Mechanism:Swiss-Made 4-phase 12 pole Sinus motor with belt drive
Platter:Resonance-Optimized anodized aluminum alloy, crystal-glass platter surface, screw down clamp
Power Supply:External solid-state power supply (optional RoNt II tube power supply)
Ramp Up Time:6/8 seconds (33/45 RPM)
Rumble (noise):-66dB (Test Record DIN 45544) -70dB (measuring adapter)
Speed Settings:33/45 - deviation from nominal speed=0.0% (adjustable) Fine adjustment +/-10%
Weight:Total 20.7 kg (bearing with one jig and tonearm 4.9 kg, Platter 9.8 kg ) Power Supply 3.2 kg, Motor 2.8 kg
Wow & Flutter:0.07% linear, 0.035% weighted DIN 45507