Digital Product 數碼產品 / Fiio / E12 DIY

Portable Headphone Amplifier


E12DIY comes with a high voltage, low internal resistance power circuit, with dual 11V rails (+/- 11V);
dual balanced power supply design eliminates the need for coupling capacitors, avoiding loss of audio
frequencies and raising the dynamic range. High capacity 9.7Wh (880mAh/11.1V) Li-polymer battery
comes with smart charging circuit that adjusts charging current dynamically
according to the connected power supply’s current ability.


Model Name/Number E11 Color Available Black
Weight 65g Dimensions 92.5×54.2×13.4(mm)
Audio Input 3.5mm stereo jack Headphone output 3.5mm stereo Jack
Volume Control ALPS Potentiometer Bass Boost 2 Level
Drive ability 16~150Ω(recommend) Power input USB 5V/500mA
Battery Capacity >800mAH Battery Life >10 hours
Output Power > 180 mW@32Ω Charging Time <210minute
THD 0.004%@1KHz Output Impedance <0.3Ω
Frequency Response 10Hz~300KHz Signal to Noise Ratio >106dB
Input Sensitivity Voltage=high
Gain=L:965mV/Gain=H:560mV MAX input Level > 8 Vrms
Crosstalk > 59dB@1KHz Channel imbalance <0.5dB
Gain >8dB Bass Boost Range > 4dB@BASS1
MAX output voltage > 6.8 Vp-p @ Voltage=High MAX output current > 75 mA @ Voltage=High