Amplifier 擴音機 / NAGRA / BPS

Bipolar Phono Stage The BPS is the latest addition to the prestigious range of Nagra high-end phono stages. Using transistor technology and equipped with a battery power supply, has led to a very compact and affordable phono preamplifier, wile maintaining


The BPS works with either moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) cartridges using a custom wound transformer, as in the PL-P pre-amplifier and VPS phono stage. Taken from the concept of the VPS, the BPS also uses adaptive loading circuits built onto small additional boards. By inserting these circuits, six of which are delivered with the unit, the input impedance of the BPS can be altered to match your phono cartridge, thus achieving the optimal balance for reproducing your vinyl LPs.

Its very compact size reduces the cartridge cable length to a minimum, thus reducing the risk of interference through this very sensitive link.

The BPS electronics consume so little power that they are powered from a single 9-volt battery with autonomy of about 100 hours. Assembled on a single motherboard, the electronics use exclusively discrete and military-specification components. The amplification is provided by individually selected and matched bipolar transistors. The capacitors in the signal path are of audiophile quality and the precision resistors are MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face).

The MC input transformers are designed and wound, in-house, by Nagra, benefitting from our unique know-how in this domain coming from the highly demanding field of microphone inputs on professional recorders. The case is made of top quality aluminium which is in turn brushed to give the finish to match all other products in the range in the usual Nagra style.