Amplifier 擴音機 / NAGRA / 300P

The 60th anniversary of the company is the perfect opportunity to introduce these new amplifiers. The 300B tube is a symbol of the timelessness of certain inventions in the audio domain, like the self-contained portable Nagra of 1951 that revolutionised l


The best technology for the 300B
Nagra’s idea for the 300i and 300p amplifiers is to place the most up-to-date technology around the 300B tube, so as to draw the very best characteristics of these mythical tubes: such as their linearity, low distortion (still better than power transistors available today) and their exceptional harmonic spectrum.

Nagra engineering team has put the characteristics of electronic behaviour at the centre of the specifications for the 300i and 300p. To be certain of this, they opted for a concept of circuit purity, while maintaining elements of comfort and security, expected in modern equipment. They chose a conventional approach wherever possible yet applied the most evolutionary techniques wherever an improvement in the audio could be achieved.