Amplifier 擴音機 / NAGRA / PMA

Pyramid Monoblock Power Amplifier The PMA is a pair of mono-block floor standing pyramids. Offering a power output of 200 watts, these solid-state amplifiers offer a class AB operations inherited from the prestigious MPA family. They are equipped with an


Unique design
The revolutionary concept encompasses an aluminium pyramidal design that is as functional as it is distinctive. The electronics benefit from the experience of the MPA, Nagra’s first solid-state power amplifier.

Pure power = pure sound
The performance of an amplifier depends very much on the powering unit, thus on the mains’ quality. As the latter can’t really be improved, the PMA integrates a PFC – Power Factor Corrector. This device acts like a reserve of power to deliver pure DC voltages to the amplifier. Benefiting from Nagra’s first PFC developed for the MPA, the pyramid’s innovative PFC is the subject of a new Nagra patent.

Mono block architecture
The mono block architecture allows each channel to have its own power unit. This improves the channel crosstalk and also the response to transient signals, in other words: natural and musical rendition. In addition the amplifier can now stand close to your loudspeaker allowing you to shorten speaker cable length and thus increase the quality of your system.

Audiophile’s choices
To achieve ultimate sound and reliability, the selection of every component is critical. This is especially true for the choice of the power transistors. After numerous electrical and subjective tests, the Research and Development team has chosen to use MOSFET transistors from Exicon. They demonstrated the best characteristicsamong all the specifications we are concerned with.

Controlling power
When dealing with top-class loudspeakers, you are entitled to expect the best protection from your amplifier. The PMA will automatically switch to the protection mode in the event of a DC voltage occurring on the output connectors or in the case of overheating. In addition, an overload LED will blink if the PMA reaches its maximum power.

Power Factor Corrector
The PFC allows the PMA to draw a truly sinusoidal current from the mains. This will avoid electrical pollution and highly spiked currents that can generate undesirable harmonics from the amplifier to the other equipment. This significantly improves the purity and integrity of other devices such as digital and analogue source components. The PFC also minimizes the harmful electrical and nasty audible effects of traditional power supply designs. Last but not least, the PFC reduces the need for filtering; this allows the PMA to use smaller condensers, thus saving space.

Connectivity & compatibility
The PMA offers both balanced and unbalanced inputs on XLR and RCA connectors. The calibrated level for maximum power can be internally selected to 1 or 2V allowing the pyramids to be compatible with any preamplifier or DAC.

The PMA features an Auto-detect power-on, it will automatically start upon receiving a signal on the input connectors. It will also turn off after 20 minutes without receiving signal. This is a great feature for a stereo system, and is a tremendous advantage in a multi-channel system.