Amplifier 擴音機 / NAGRA / VPA

Pure Class A Push-Pull Triode Monoblocks


The VPA is a pair of mono block vacuum tube power amplifiers. Equipped with symmetrical and asymmetrical inputs, they offer a power output of 50 Watts through a pure class A output stage with no feedback. Using a pair of matched and individually selected 845 output tubes the VPA offers a clarity of sound second-to-none. Since its introduction in 1998, the VPA has set new standard for vacuum tube amplifiers, won prestigious awards and, more importantly, became a reference for a tremendous number of audiophiles all over the world.

Constructed in machined-aluminum towers, its highly sophisticated design is based on Nagra’s simple rule: only the best components, no compromises on quality. In addition, the VPA uses fully balanced circuitry from input to output to minimize intermodulation distortion and phase shift as well as decreasing the need for internal feedback.

As a result, the rise time, slew rate and overshoot characteristics of the Nagra VPA are uncommonly good compared to other amplifiers, and simply extraordinary for one based on vacuum tubes. These performance characteristics are constant whether the VPA is delivering minimum or full power.