Amplifier 擴音機 / NAGRA / VPS

Valve Phono Stage The VPS valve phono preamplifier is based on the design principles of the world acclaimed PL-P phono stage. Built in a traditional Nagra compact brushed aluminium case with identical dimensions to the preamplifiers and CD players, this


The VPS is the ultimate interface between the turntable cartridge and rest of the system and gives the most transparent pre-amplification available today. Powered by its own independent supply unit, the ACPS II, with special smoothing circuitry, that guarantees the purity of the audio signal path.


The internal circuits of the VPS are gold plated and the in-house wound input transformers guarantee the highest possible fidelity when used with a moving coil input. The metal chassis of the VPS offers excellent protection from spurious parastic interference which can be very infuential when working with phono level audio signals. All the connections to the VPS are available on the rear of the unit and use the WBT gold-plated RCA connectors. The VPS is equipped with a single MC input stage as standard, but can be equipped with an optional second MC or MM input circuit to accomodate a second turntable.


Ideally, the VPS should be installed on the VFS (Vibration Free Suport) shock absorbing plates, as shown in the photo (left) to totally eliminate any mechianical vibration from being transmitted to the highly sensitive input stage.