Speaker 揚聲器 / AUDIOMACHINA / CRM

For those who have always dreamed of true high-end performance in a true bookshelf-sized speaker, AudioMachina proudly presents the incomparable CRM


With a truly mind-boggling performance-to-size ratio, and nearly infinite installation flexibility, the CRM has created an entirely new reference in small-speaker performance. Whether used in your main system, home theater, office, bedroom, study, rec room, or any of a thousand other places, the CRM is the one speaker in the world that any true music lover should own for life


Type: 2-way sealed-box reference mini-monitor

Construction: Full SSA (Solid Slab Aluminum)

Frequency Response: 45-20kHz

Sensitivity: 84dB @ 8 Ohms, benign phase

Drivers: 6″ (15cm) mid-bass, 1″ (2.5cm) tweeter

Crossover: Purist, Ti technology, 3kHz

Dimensions: 12″H x 8″W x 6″D (30 x 20 x 15 cm)

Weight: 27 lbs (12kg) each

Recommended Amplifier: 20-100 WPC @ 8 Ohms