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CRS Subwoofer

The perfect companion subwoofer for either CRM or CRG, the CRS is a fully self-contained active subwoofer with an optimized 100% analog active filter and internal 500W amplifier


The CRS provides unbelievable power, extension, and fidelity in the deep bass, and is the foundation of a truly state-of-the-art 3-way system (CRM+CRS) or 4-way system (CRG+CRS) of incomparable quality, performance, and value.


Type: Active powered reference subwoofer

Construction: Full SSA (Solid Slab Aluminum)

Frequency Response: 15-100Hz

Driver: 10″ (26cm) ultra-long-throw subwoofer

Filter: 100% analog active filter, adjustable frequency/level

Amplifier: 500W ICEpower, internal

Dimensions: 14″H x 12″W x 6″D (35 x 30 x 15 cm)

Weight: 50 lbs (23kg) each

Recommended Amplifier: 20-100 WPC @ 8 Ohms