Speaker 揚聲器 / Earthquakesound / MK VII 12

Earthquake's Supernova MK VII subwoofer is the product of meticulous engineering, detailed craftsmanship, and passion for performance, all geared to please the audiophile in every one of us.


The patented technologies combined with a dramatically oversized power supply makes the IQ600 amplifier capable of delivering raw quantities of continuous power. The power supply is based on a rigid silicon-steel hard-wound low regulation 750VA toroidal transformer. The large and heavy transformer ensures a stable supply without voltage drop even at rigorous and continuous operation. The IQ600 amplifier provides 1200 watts continuously for unlimited time at 18 dB crest factor and 600 watts TSP (True Sine Wave Power). This is real performance power the amplifier can deliver and a power the woofer driver is engineered to withstand and utilize.


High gauss magnet system with a height of 4.75 cm
Magnet System of strontium cobalt with a weight of over 12 kg
Centering Spider of the super spider type (spider of the same diameter as the device)
Epoxy coated and chill plated super spider
Aluminium voice coil former
Voice coil of heavy gauge oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire
Voice coil diameter 3 "
1.5 " high single roll edge suspensions of thermally shaped poly-ether draw
Mil-spec coil coating
X-mech of more than 2.5 "
TCT patented turbine cooled transducer technology