Amplifier 擴音機 / Primare / PRE30



The PRE30 is a fully balanced preamplifier designed with operational simplicity in mind. When used in conjunction with a balanced power amplifier, such as the A33.2 or the A32 and a source that provides balanced outputs, like the CD32, it becomes a significant link in an ultra-low noise signal chain that connects the source with the speaker. Each of the seven inputs may be adjusted for the differences in output level produced by each source. It also provides such useful features as a surround bypass switch, allowing you seamlessly to integrate the PRE30 with a home theatre system.


Reference Balanced Preamplifier
Audio Inputs: 5: Unbalanced Stereo (RCA), 2: Balanced Stereo (XLR)
Audio Outputs Variable: 1: Unbalanced Stereo (RCA), 1: Balanced Stereo (XLR)
Audio Outputs Record: 1: Unbalanced Stereo (RCA)
Dual Mono Construction: Totally Independent Power Supplies
Remote Control Operation
5 Volt Trigger Output
Dimensions:W 430mm x D 385mm x H 100mm (With Feet)
Weight: 7 kg