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Azur 651 T

The 651T is everything you could ever need from a hi-fi tuner. Featuring DAB+ technology, the 651T means you can not only enjoy regular DAB stations but also reap the benefits of new DAB+ digital broadcasts in even higher quality thanks to support for t


DAB+ is already available in Denmark and Australia with many other countries currently testing and trialling the system. In the meantime, countries which currently receive DAB broadcasts can continue to enjoy these on their 651T tuner. You can read more about the benefits of DAB+


The move to DAB+ can also enable far more stations to share the airwaves leading to greater choice.

And whilst digital radio’s convenience is indisputable, there’s no escaping the quality of FM broadcasts. To this end, the 651T has a neat trick up its sleeve; completely separate analogue domain FM/AM tuners! FM sound quality is truly exceptional and separate DAB, FM and AM antenna connections ensure the optimal aerial can be used for each band.


High quality WM8740 Digital to Analogue converter from Wolfson Microelectronics

DAB+/DAB/FM/AM compatible

Separate analogue and digital modules in the true analogue and digital domains

Audiophile grade toroidal transformer

Acoustically damped metal chassis and dual layer damped feet, giving enhanced resonance control

NCT (Natural Contour Technology) to achieve optimum sound quality for every station

RS232 control has also been added for easy multi room system integration

Azur Navigator remote control with Cambridge Audio amplifier control

Available in black and silver brushed aluminium finishes