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Azur 550 T

Cambridge’s Audio 550T is a fully featured FM/AM RDS tuner complete with 20 presets per band and an RDS interface to display station names.


A high sensitivity design, the 550T will quickly lock onto radio signals with a vice-like grip and offers excellent detail and rich delivery across all broadcasts.


The 550T features a clock with wake-up alarm that can power-up and switch off connected Cambridge Audio amplifiers fitted with Control Bus inputs/outputs and select the tuner input for the Alarm function.


Pure FM/AM in the true analogue domain

Refined board layout

Brand new wrap-around casework design with substantially thicker brushed aluminium front panel

Sophisticated Alarm and Sleep timer functions

Control Bus inputs and outputs to turn on and off connected Cambridge Audio amplifiers

Supplied with the Azur Navigator remote control

Available in silver and black finishes