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Omni S10

For truly immersive music and movie experiences at home, look no further than our Omni S10 subwoofer. Rather than just letting you hear a powerful kick drum, or rumbling earthquake, this hard–hitter lets you feel them! Powered front-firing design with tw


Get ready to be moved, because our Omni S10 subwoofer lets you feel the impact of your favorite music and movies rather than just hearing them. In fact, its rich, full deep bass will shake you up as soon as you push play.

In order to produce bass that's beyond restraint, the Omni S10 packs advanced materials and exclusive technology into one exceptionally designed enclosure. And, while this sleek, compact subwoofer is good at making you feel thunder, it won't steal it away from your precisely placed d矇cor. You'll find it neatly tucks away in a corner or under a table, out of direct view.

On the Omni S10's front panel you'll find three controls: level, frequency and phase. These accessible controls let you adjust your bass levels with complete ease, as well as facilitate the subwoofer's acoustical integration with the other speakers in your system. On the back of the subwoofer, high- and low-level inputs, as well as a power mode selection increase both installation and connection flexibility.

There's no denying that the Omni S10 will bring powerful, tight and undistorted deep bass performance to any of our home theater systems; however, we recommend pairing it up with our Omnisat Series.