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Metis DA

Metis DA - D/A Converter Simplicity and transparency define the new Goldmund Metis USB DA converter.


Just connect its USB plug to your computer and your whole digital music library is ready to be played on your audio system. No driver installation is required on any OS compatible USB Audio Class 1.0 (i.e. Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X, and Linux). It supports up to 96kHz/24 bits.


With an improved version of the Alize 6 DA circuit, the Metis DA converter offers an unequalled level of performance for a unit of this size and price. It is nearly 100% jitter-free, its dynamic range is of -120 dB, and the accuracy of its conversion is simply perfect. This guarantees a transparency that will make you wonder if it is even worth using any player ever again.

Goldmund recommends using the Metis DA within a full Metis analog system but it can also easily be used in any other audio setting.

Small and with the cutest Goldmund look, the new Metis DA is the missing link between your digital world and your favorite audio system.