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Syntar 516

The defined lines of its edges and the innovative technology make the Syntar line the perfect combination of high level performance and a traditional look that’s far from ordinary. Designed for stereophonic and multi-channel sound, the Syntar line offers


The research and development of new technologies, materials, forms and components are an effective company branch in Chario organization, as well as a real need to be able to make innovative products with a significant performance increase. The development of the membranes used to make the drivers fitted to the Syntar series, started by an ambitious goal: to reduce distortions to allow the reproduction an absolute detail and natural emission very close to the more advanced models of our collection. This has been achieved just by using a membrane free of cutting with a double curve not mirrored. The result was exactly what months of study and research and analysis in psychoacoustic human perceptual systems have highlighted as the ideal solution.


Low frequency load: Vented NRS

Configuration: 2 Way

Drivers: 1 tweeter 27 mm Silversoft Neodimium

1 woofer 160 mm Polymeric Double Flex

Sensitivity: 89 dB SPL

Frequency @-3dB: 55 – 20000 Hz

Xover frequency: 1380 Hz

Rated impedance: 4 Ω

Height: 365 mm

Widht: 190 mm

Deepth: 310 mm

Weight: 7 Kg


The tweeter which equips Syntar and Syntar R series, is the T 27 SILVERSOFT NEODYNIUM. As all Chario drivers is the result of years of research and development. Its project will provide a range of use from 1 KHz, with emission angles: vertical and horizontal well controlled. The membrane is derived from the T 32 which equips the Academy series with specific treatment of fumigation of aluminum powder. The coil wound on a Kapton support, allows high temperature, necessary to cut use. Its performance is complemented by the crossover that takes into account the size of the speaker and the specific sensitivity. Its characteristics have been predetermined in accordance with the woofers of Syntar series, whose double curvature membrane (Doubleflex) allow a transition imperceptible. The values of the distortion, harmonics and intermodulation, are the most specific content in the range, and among the lowest absolutely.