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Stream Magic 6

Upsampling Network Music Player


Stream Magic 6 is a fully featured upsampling network music player designed to deliver digitally stored music to your hi-fi in the highest quality.

Easy to set up and operate wirelessly, it dramatically enhances digital music files stored on computers, network drives and pretty much any gadget with a digital audio out connection. It will also allow you to discover the world of internet radio; a rich resource containing an incredible 20,000+ stations, with something for everyone guaranteed!


• USB connection: Stream Magic 6’s in-built USB connection means you can instantly upgrade audio performance from your PC or Mac. Whether music is stored on your computer or it’s being streamed from services like Spotify, Rhapsody or Napster, the upgrade potential to computer processed audio is enormous and Stream Magic will turn it into high-end hi-fi quality.

For the ultimate in digital audio reproduction, Stream Magic 6 can receive up to 24-bit/192kHz transfer over USB and supports both kernel streaming and ASIO. (Apple computers support up to 24-bit/192kHz USB transfer natively and a free driver makes this possible from Windows PCs).

• Optical TOSLINK and S/P DIF connections: Many of your favourite gadgets like Blu-ray players, TVs and media streamers can deliver audio to your hi-fi system, but because they’re primarily designed to perform other functions, their audio outputs lack quality. By simply connecting them to your Stream Magic 6, you can bypass their inbuilt digital to analogue converters transforming their humdrum performance into something much more spectacular!

Stream Bluetooth audio from your mobile:
By adding our optional plug-and-play BT100 wireless audio receiver to your Stream Magic 6, you can stream music wirelessly from your Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth. Best of all, if your Smartphone, tablet or Apple Mac supports the high-end audio aptX CODEC, you can stream audiophile-quality music from your device direct to your Stream Magic 6.


Network music player

20,000 internet radio stations

Music streaming from computer/NAS/USB

Digital audio pre-amp featuring optional digital volume and channel balance control

Upsampling Digital to Analogue Converter featuring S/PDIF and Toslink digital inputs and USB audio input (all 24 bit compatible)

Twin Wolfson WM8740 DACs

ATF2 audio up-sampling to 24-bit/384kHz

USB audio input allowing streaming of up to 24-bit/192kHz audio from computer

Selectable digital filters – linear phase, minimum phase, steep

Free iPad/iPhone app giving full control of unit

Support for optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver, allowing audio to be streamed and upsampled from any paired aptX or A2DP Bluetooth device

Balanced and unbalanced analogue audio outputs for superior connectivity

Full metal casework design with thick brushed aluminium front panel and dual layer damped feet, giving enhanced resonance control

Eco-friendly <0.5W Standby power consumption

Azur Navigator remote control with Cambridge Audio amplifier control

Available in black and silver finishes