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Topaz SR10

Powerful FM/AM stereo receiver


The fully-featured SR10 combines a punchy integrated stereo amplifier with an FM/AM RDS tuner. A completely discrete high power amplifier mated to a custom design low flux oversize toroidal transformer instantly reveal its audiophile pedigree – as will its sound – the first time you hear it. And adding to the already weighty specification is a front-mounted connection for your MP3 player or iPod plus a full remote for the perfect armchair experience.


Power Output:

85 watts (into 8 Ohms)

Frequency Response:

(-1dB) 5Hz - 50kHz

Max. Power Consumption:


Radio function

Aerial inputs FM 75 ohms, Coaxial.
AM 300 ohms wire loop/single wire.


AM (522-1629kHz)
FM (87.5-108MHz)


AM (530-1710kHz)
FM (87.5-108MHz)

Dimensions (H x W x D):

110 x 430 x 340mm


8.1kg (17.8lbs)


85 Watts per channel

4 x rear mounted source inputs

FM/AM RDS tuner with 30 presets

1 x front input for iPod or MP3

Integrated phono stage for turntable connection

Twin speaker outputs

Full remote control