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Fusion 21 CD Player

The new Fusion CD player is the result of nearly twenty five years development of Sugden digital products. Our latest player combines modern digital technology with unique Sugden design criteria's dedicated to high quality audio performance. The heart of


The buffered output from the servo is passed to a dedicated digital interface transceiver. An external high quality master clock allows low jitter recovery of S/PDIF through the high performance internal PLL. The transceiver is also able to clean up (de-jitter) the received digital audio signals. The data signal is re-formatted and the output status bits are selected before being sent to the multi-bit digital to analogue converter. This method of signal processing has made both over sampling and digital filtering redundant. The analogue signal from the DAC is then passes through a current to voltage converter (trans-impedance amplifier) using circuits chosen and developed specifically for their performance and sound quality. To remove any serious audible noise produced in the digital domain, an analogue 55K post filter is incorporated prior to the signal reaching the final pure class A analogue output stage.

To expand the possibilities of digital playback, the Fusion CD player is also capable of acting as a high quality stand-alone digital to analogue converter. When in Standby mode the S/PDIF coaxial input is activated allowing replay of an externally connected digital source.