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Masterclass PA-4 Phono Amplifier

The full potential of the musical magic contained on vinyl discs can only be realised by the passionate treatment of the low level signals emanating from the disc and stylus. Class A circuitry is renowned for its recovery of and synergy with, low level si


The moving coil stage is a Class A current feedback circuit and the moving magnet amplifier a Class A voltage feedback circuit incorporating the RIAA correction in the negative feedback loop. DC servo circuits enable direct coupling of the musical signal from moving coil input to final output. The power supply which Sugdens considers an integral part of the amplifier circuitry is a ‘current shunt’ design with a specially designed voltage regulator to prevent rising impedance with higher frequencies.

Constructed with components of exceptional quality, hand assembled on long term stability gold plated circuit boards, the resultant performance is a phono stage of absolute transparency and natural sound.

The user interfaces are all externally selected i.e. input selection 1x MM, 2x MC, the latter with external loading facilities. There are two stereo outputs for recording or line amplifier.