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Mystro Integrated Amplifer

The Sugden Mystro series amplifier is the introductory model to a world of ‘simply more music’. An integrated amplifier including a phono stage and three line level inputs, with a nominal 50 watts per channel AB output stage, it comprises many innovative


The Mystro has, by design, an excellent ‘green’ pedigree - fully metal cased, housing RoHs compliant components, it requires very low quiescent and operating power.

The Mystro amplifier is a very fast and dynamic amplifier whilst still retaining the hallmark of all Sugden products - fatigue-free listening. A superb portrayor of natural instruments, because of the fatigue-free sound it is also particularly suitable for reproducing popular music. The power output amplifier is an AB design which has been developed over many years to give the best compromise between Class ‘A’ and Class ‘B’ type of operation. The power amplifiers are configured as dual mono output stages with low impedance power supplies to ensure excellent bass timing. The circuitry has been tuned to give an extended high frequency clarity, with purpose and punch, to deal with some of the latest digital recording techniques. Tremendous headroom has also been included in the tone burst capabilities of the 125 watt, multi-emitter, bi-polar output devices.

The Sugden Mystro embodies truly advanced and innovative audio circuitry developed to its ultimate level, value engineered and subjectively mastered, to create a wonderously musical amplifier.