Speaker 揚聲器 / XAVIAN / XN 250 EVOLUZIONE

The XN 250 Evoluzione has proven itself to be a joy, with its amazing musicality, as with all Xavian loudspeakers. Its natural timbre and tonality render music's inner soul without sacrificing dynamics or the ever important micro-details that help recre


Mid-bass frequency unit

150 mm Scan-Speak Revelator, paper membrane, low - distortion "motor"

High frequency unit

29 mm Scan-Speak impregnated fabric soft dome, low - distortion "motor", no ferrofluid

System type

2-ways damped bass-reflex, massive aluminium bass-reflex port


hand-made 22 mm MDF, bituminous damping

Frequency response

( -3 dB on reference axis ): 45 - 32000 Hz


1 pair of WBT Platinum Signature binding posts

Nominal impedance

8 ohms

Crossover frequency

2200 Hz

Sensitivity ( 2,83V / 1m )

86 dB

Recommended power amplification

40 - 120 W

Dimensions (HxWxD)

300 x 192 x 330 mm

Hmotnost (1 kus)

10 kg