Speaker 揚聲器 / PMC / TLE1-S

The TLE1S has been specifically designed to partner DB1+, TB2+, DB1S-A, TB2S-A and the IB1 in a surround configuration


The two custom drivers lie at the mouth of a transmission line with an effective line length of 3m. With the aid of the Bryston designed circuits within the active amplifier & crossover section, the TLE1S reproduces low frequency information with astonishing detail and dynamics. The small footprint and comprehensive user controls will allow easy placement even in the most space-restricted rooms.


Type: Active

Sensitivity: -

Recommended Amp power: -

Impedance: -

Drive units: LF PMC Doped 170mm alloy chassis x 2

Effective line length: 3m 9.84ft

Amplifier power: 150W RMS

Finish: Neo Black


H 550mm 21.65"

W 200mm 7.87"

D 545mm 21.46"

Weight: 17.5kg 38.5lbs

Products best suited to complete a surround system: DB1S, TB2S, DB1S-A, TB2S-A, AML1.

Configuration: .1 effects channel