Speaker 揚聲器 / PMC / TLE1

The TLE1 is a combination of leading loudspeaker and amplifier design. This audiophile design is the result of much experience gained in the professional realm of Hollywood and research into room acoustics and ergonomics. Size and the aesthetics have pl


The two 61/2 inch custom drivers are driven by a true 150W, ultra low distortion audiophile power amplifier, based on one of Bryston’s world class designs. Within the elegant compact cabinet lies a true transmission line with an effective length of 3m / 91/2 Feet, which gives the TLE1 the ability to produce a flat frequency response down to 22Hz with real clarity and detail.


Type: Active

Sensitivity: -

Recommended Amp power: -

Impedance: -

Drive units: LF PMC Doped, 170mm alloy chassis x 2

Effective line length: 3m 9.84ft

Amplifier power: 150W RMS

Dimensions: H 550mm 21.65, W 200mm 7.87", D 545mm 21.46"

Weight: 17.5kg 38.5lbs

Products best suited to complete a surround system: DB1i, TB2i, GB1i, FB1i, OB1i, CB6i

Configuration: .1 effects channel