Amplifier 擴音機 / Musical Fidelity / M6/500i

Integrated Amplifier


The M6 500i is a separate preamp with two monobloc power amps sharing a common chassis. Each has its own heat sink and separate transformer. Genuinely dual mono.

The preamp has its own separate power supply winding.

The preamp input sockets are connected directly to the main preamp PCB. There are no wire connections from the inputs to the preamp. Consequently, PCB tracks are very short. This elegant idea ensures that both channels signals are ultra low impedance from the instant they get into the amplifier. This is a significant detail.

Each channel has twelve big bipolar transistors. 200 amps peak to peak is easily available.

The metalwork is high quality. The front panel is a custom made fine line extrusion of milspec aluminium. The custom made heat sinks have outstanding dissipation characteristic and finish.

The M6 500i construction has the feeling of solidity and quality.