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The M3CD also has a mains choke filter. As far as we are aware, our usage is unique among CD players. The mains choke filters out unwanted noise from the mains and allows the M3CD’s five independent power supply units to work properly, regardless of mains irregularities.


In making the M3 Series, we have tried our best to make the casework elegant, well built and beautifully finished. The M3 Series front panels are custom-made extrusions of solid metal finished to a high standard. The knobs and buttons are machined from solid metal. The metalwork is snug-fitting with close-tolerances, reflecting fine craftsmanship in its manufacture.


The sound quality of the M3i and M3CD is rather like the way they look The quality is smooth, serene and structured. Their excellent dynamic range is coupled with outstanding load driving ability and stability margins. The sound is warm and inviting, but not coloured.