Amplifier 擴音機 / BRYSTON / 6B SST2²
6B SST2²

Three-Channel Power Amplifier


The Bryston 6B SST2 provides three channels of powerful amplification in a single chassis. Consisting of three totally independent amplifier modules, each with its own power transformer and power supply, each audio channel will supply effortless power even to the world’s most demanding loudspeakers. The 6B SST2 is a convenient solution for home theater left-center-right amplification and is also a great way of tri-amplifying 3-way loudspeakers.


New cosmetics
New Push on/off power switch
300 watts per channel 8 ohms,
500 watts 4 ohms,

New SST 2 output devices
Increased power supply capacitance
- 30,000 MFD per channel
Selectable Balanced or Unbalanced inputs
Lower noise and distortion
Three New Independent ultra-low-noise power transformers
New computer modeled heat-sink design
Quick connect remote 12 volt trigger
Selectable gain - 1 Volt or 2 Volt
Available in Silver or black finish with 19 or 17 inch faceplate