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28B SST2²

Single-Channel (Mono) Power Amplifier


Our Mission

To design a state of the art 1000 watt power amplifier that does not compromise performance at 1/10th power.

A significant part of the design criteria for the 28B SST 2 was to develop a very powerful amplifier that would drive any speaker on the planet but maintain an ideal power curve at 1 watt as well as at 1000 watts and every power level in between. Most amplifiers exhibit a power curve whereby the best noise floor, drive capability and distortion is maintained from about 1/3 power and up.

The Bryston 28B-SST 2 Mono amplifier maintains its power curve right from the first watt. This results in a BIG POWERFUL amplifier that sounds incredibly detailed and musical at very low levels and maintains that same sophistication and drive capability with even the most difficult, inefficient speakers, large or small.

The Bryston 28B-SST 2 is a fully balanced output amplifier (BRIDGED), which has reduced THD and IMD to unprecedented low values, (typically 0.001% or less), for a new degree of transparency, musicality and ease of listening. Superbly low noise floor, typically below – 115dB, yields an inky black silence between notes for hauntingly realistic reproduction. Tremendous power reserves give the 28B-SST 2 virtually perfect freedom from overload on any type of speaker or music, bringing the performance and realism directly into your listening environment. The 28B’s ability to resolve subtle musical details has to be heard to be believed – it truly sets a new standard : Mission accomplished.


Selectable input - balanced (xlr) or single ended (rca)
Selectable gain - 1v = 29db or 2v = 23dB
External power on off control - 12v trigger
New micro controlled soft start
New power switch
All A/C is totally shielded from Audio circuits
Maintains exceptionally low noise and distortion from very low to very high power demands
Optional 17" Faceplate (no handles) or 19 inch rack mount (with handles) available