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4B SST2²

Dual-Channel (Stereo) Power Amplifier


The Bryston 4B is something of a legend. As our most popular model, it has attained international status as an amplifier suitable for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems. In its latest incarnation, the 4B SST2, it is a dual mono design delivering a massive 300 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. Whatever the venue, be it recording studio, concert stage, broadcast facility, home theater installation, or state-of-the-art stereo system, the 4B SST2 continues as the number one choice.
Audio Legend:

The 4B SST2 is a pure dual mono design and offers 300 watts per channel into 8 Ohms, 500 watts into 4 Ohms and over 1000 watts available in bridged mono mode.


New cosmetics
New Push on/off power switch
300 watts per channel 8 ohms,
500 watts 4 ohms,
900 watts bridged 8 ohms
New SST 2 output devices
Increased power supply capacitance
- 30,000 MFD per channel
Selectable Balanced or Unbalanced inputs
Lower noise and distortion
Two New Independent ultra-low-noise power transformers
New computer modeled heat-sink design
Quick connect remote 12 volt trigger
Selectable gain - 1 Volt or 2 Volt
Available in Silver or black finish with 19 or 17 inch faceplate